” Karma is a bitch” Marked the end of many…

A red mark on the neck, was enough for her to shatter. She quietly finished her coffee and in a heavy voice asked Jai if she can leave for her flat. Jai, a Software Engineer, still trying to decode the sudden change in her behaviour asked with affection, “What happened? Is everything alright?

Aarna, with a jammed heart, replied, “Yes! I need to leave early today.”

The room was closed and echoing with the sob, as she decided to put a full stop on her train of thoughts, she dialed his number. Her heartbeat while listening to the phone ring was audible to her own self,  she took a deep breath when he answered with a ‘Hello Aarna’, what happened? ………… Before he finished asking his set of questions, she showered a series of Whys and Hows …

The awkward silence was enough to mourn the tragic end of their year old relationship. The phone disconnected and she impatiently started typing as fast as she can ……… the last statement being,

***** Karma is a Bitch, Just remember that”. Tkcr.

Karma, which means intentional action clubbed with the trail of words was then used by people every now and then to make the other feel, “you have done something wrong, and it shall come to you soon”.

This phrase hopped more conversations than we could think of, in the recent years. Surprisingly it was popular among the youth and witnessed many alterations.

The aroma of ginger was striving to soothe Aditya’s stressful day at office.

Keep Calm, it’s your first Job” murmured Shivam trying to help him overcome the situation. Office and job chaos was new to Aditya and he was finding as if it’s not his cup of team. He could not forget how his colleague treated him and was feeling as if there’s a mental block.

Shivam : Don’t worry, everything shall fall in place. Give it some time more.

Aditya : Yeaa.. but how could he say that, in office… With a sigh, he took one more sip.

Shivam : Karma, shall take care of what he does, you make sure you never loose your calm in the office.

While in the twenties, I could see this phrase marking the end of relationships, jobs and much more…….

Let me know when did you use it, for whom and in what context. Would love to publish stories 🙂




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