Conversation with an AutoRickshaw Driver :)

Many of us, had Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, which turned out to be a waste and we were left with money online deposited in banks and the wallets! But not everyone is handy with these smart tools! Specially the auto walla’s, roadside food vendors, etc in all this while I met with an incident which is shared below

While walking towards home,after watching a movie at Forum, an auto driver stopped and said :

Driver : Ma’am, No Money?

Me : No cash

Driver : No problem you sit, and get my Mobile Recharged online!

Me : Happily said a Yes.

**Add some words which express ‘surprise and happiness’ at the same time.**

He said, “Whenever you get stuck, ATM’s not having cash, you’re not having money then ask the auto driver, he will help you! But after looking at his face”

*I once felt he was drunk and talking anything*

I reached my Destination,noted his number and then,

Driver – How much recharge you will do?

Me – You tell me, I will do.

Driver – No,you say.

Me – I will recharge your number with Rs 50.

Driver – Smiled and said Ok.

Turned his auto and then,

Driver – Your name?

Me – Harsha

It shows how people got united and understood each other, how quick they moved with the movement.#MODIfied India is beautiful 🙂


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  1. Naveen says:

    Connect.. connect., but truly! 🙂

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