How is “Chaos” a beautiful disorder?

My life is a mess of “beautiful chaos” said none, strolling in their twenties. Most of them are always found struggling to achieve an “illusionary” state of  ‘stability’.

In this whole run they forget to cherish each and every moment, before it becomes a chapter of the book called ‘past’. Many are found building a ‘mansion’, even when there is no supply of bricks, i.e. they aim to make their future ‘glorious’ without giving their cent percent to their present.We will also find people, running with roses in their hands and dreaming of their (over-hyped) ‘Prince Charming’ who will for sure never come on a white horse.

The whole concept of getting stable and settling down is an irony as when summer settles,it gives rise to monsoon, winter is replaced by spring and so on. The rule of nature is to be vigorous and so is our life. This is the only phase when we actually think and respond towards the “chaos” and post this we start reacting and accepting the way it is.

We forget that all beautiful ‘inventions’ and ‘discoveries’ are nurtured in the womb termed as “Chaos”. The most beautiful and flickering form of chaos is ‘love’.

IMG_20150602_001800-1 (1)

With this blog I invite all, who feel are the companions of Chaos, may be you think it seems a bit messier but trust me, our life is no less than a movie and a bit of ‘chaos’ on the storyboard will make it a ‘HIT’ blockbuster.

Looking forward to meet more people who wish to share their piece of ‘randomness’ to make this life a “beautiful disorder”.
Let chaos storm!
Let clouds shapes swarm!
I wait for form!
-Robert Frost
Let’s embrace chaos in our lives as an incubator, giving rise to ‘Creativity’ and ‘Revolution’.

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  1. This is one of a kind !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. harish says:

    randomness in true sense means finding this blog through Tinder. and its beautiful. sensible.


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