A Common Answer to an Uncommon Question

Not everyone of us know what are we supposed to do next or have a full fledged plan for even next five years! Uncertainty rules and that is when it gives birth to chaos , which makes it beautiful again 🙂

If we would have had a journal jotted with the guidelines, that this is how your life should be and these will be he happenings that will affect you the most, for sure there wouldn’t have been any adventure and we ,might not call it as  “Life”. There is chaos and sometimes it let’s us grow inwards!

This is how a conversation with Leah Rose and Helen McCarthy, at Zostel Jaipur, who were serving as a nurse in Intensive Care Unit back in London, UK. took swirls :


“What do you wish to do in your life?” I asked her

She said,”I don’t know!”

And we laughed out together.

“So what were you doing earlier?”, I asked and she replied “I was serving as a nurse in an intensive unit in London.

“So are you on a travel spree?” , I asked and to this she said” Yes! When I was working in the intensive care unit and saw worst of the cases, that is when I realized how people who were doing well in their lives and all of a sudden, they get hit by an accident and everything gets shun! So that’s when I said to myself,let me travel right now as I don’t know when I get stuck by such a thing! that’s when I decided to go for a bag-packing trip to India.”

“I am tired of the lifestyle in UK, I do not wish to go back,”She said.

And I asked,”So what are you going to do?

She replied with a smile,”I will go to Sri Lanka, where my father is running a school and shall help him out in it”

I asked her,”I wish to put up our conversation in my blog” 🙂 to this she replied,” Sure!

I would love to read it 🙂

And the next morning, on the breakfast table, after going through the draft she sighed and said.”It’s beautiful, how different people perceptive your lives”

And I just smiled and said.”Yeaa” It is 🙂


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